Mark Walker

Mark Walker started his journey with bikes at the age of 14 when his father brought an old Outfit home (motorbike and sidecar) this opened up a whole world for this Print impaire, totally unread young man.
Mark started to pull the bike apart and work it out – soon after convincing his mother he needed a lathe.
In the 1970’s he was inspired after seeing a Bugatti to build a whole engine from solid aluminium.
He built a Top Fuel Drag Bike called The “MW Special” a whole bike, whole engine, he kept this bike on the track and continued its developments for 30 years… This Bike is currently in Mt Panorama’s Museum. Bathurst.
Around 2000 he started to create without restrictions…
Starting with
“Big Ned – the Ultimate Street Fighter” – a 3LT V-twin Rotary Valve… carving the engine out of solid aluminium.. Inspiration by the Artist Sidney Nolan’s paintings of Ned Kelly – the famous bush ranger.
“Saltster” – 1000cc Rotary Valve – inspired by Anzani’s Board Track Racers.
“1916” – A Supercharged 2 Stroke V16 – inspired by the V16 builders at the turn of the Century – BRM, Auto Union, Bugatti, Harry Millar.
“The Abyss Rider” – 200cc Dunstan Type Rotary Valve – This bike is Marks Ticket into the Abyss.
“The Edgefinder” – 665cc Flat Twin Rotary Valve – Inspired by our love of Speedway.
Mark, now 76, is currently working on “The Destination” a Reverse Trike – using many vintage parts including a 1949 Fiat 500b engine that was gifted to him and a Bullnose Morris Cowler Radiator.  This Build is inspired by Rory Bjorkman’s – creation – “The Journey”.
While taking a break from building bikes Mark creates Curious Gadgetry with Found Objects…Fully Machined –  Recycled, Restored and Resurrected into Exquisite Moving Sculptures.
For a detailed look at the Motorbikes

Erika Syrjänen

Erika has a love of little Trinket Boxes – often lined with vintage velvet, they are small secret spaces… jewellery for the dressing table…
also hollow form Jewellery…. Poison Rings … and Spirit Animal Pendants….. Using Silver, Copper and Brass.
Recently moving more into the world of Casting. Casting Wax Seals and collecting many little parts to build Orrery Sculptures.